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International Package Tracking


You can always trace the full path of the order with our parcel tracking service.


1      Input tracking number instruction


1.1     Enter the tracking number

Enter your tracking number without any spaces or dashes, one tracking number per line. Up to 40 tracking numbers can be added. Please ensure the tracking number is a combination of letters or digits.

See below example codes: RJ556381428CN (China Post Registered Airmail), CP921694660HK (Hong Kong Post Registered Parcel), LN328306902US (USPS E-packet Airmail), 3861078222 (DHL Express Service).

1.2     Track the number

Enter a valid tracking number, then click the “TRACK” button; the tracking result will be retrieved from the carrier’s official site and presented to you directly.

2      View tracking result instruction


Candyhub will automatically track the package status and information. You can view the package status and sub-status, the transport time, the country of origin and destination, the carrier of the origin country and the destination country, the estimated delivery time, the detailed track information, and more information. Click here to view the status.

2.1     The transport time

Total time from the order collected by carrier to picked up by recipient.

2.2     Sub-status

Sub-status are provided by the carrier. They include more detal info about your package such as Arrival, Damaged, etc. The carrier may not provide sub-status, so you may not see them sometime. 

2.3     Estimated delivery time

Estimated delivery time is provided by the carrier and may be not provided. If the package has been delivered, it will display the delivery time.

2.4     More information

View information such as package weight and volume, Last-mile Tracking Number and carrier. Not displayed if the carrier does not provide it.

Again, you can always find us easily from here.

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